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Profiling C, C++ and Fortran Threaded and Parallel Code Made Easy
Linaro MAP provides an easy to understand view of where your program is spending its time, within minimal runtime overhead whether profiling a single process or at exascale. Supporting C++, C, Fortran parallel and threaded applications on CPUs, GPUs, x86-64 and Arm AArch64, Linaro MAP can be used by scientists and software engineers to understand how their programs are performing and help get the most out of their computational resources.
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Linaro MAP Makes Profiling Easy
  • No need to change your code or the way you build it
  • Profiling for applications running on more than one server and multiple processes
  • Clear views of bottlenecks in I/O, in compute, in thread or in multi-process activity
  • Deep insight into actual processor instruction types that affect your performance
  • View memory usage over time to discover high watermarks and changes across the complete memory footprint
  • Track time in CUDA and ROCm GPU kernels
What is Linaro MAP

Linaro MAP is a parallel wallclock-time profiler, available standalone or as part of the Linaro Forge debug and profile suite. Its intuitive graphical interface shows hotspots and divergent behaviour at all scales.

Low-overhead Profiling

Profile your code without distorting application behaviour. Linaro MAP is Linaro Forge's scalable low-overhead profiler with no instrumentation or code changes required. It helps developers accelerate their code by revealing the causes of slow performance. From multicore Linux workstations to the largest supercomputers, you can profile realistic test cases with typically less than 5% runtime overhead.

Single and Multi Threaded Profiling

Linaro MAP profiles parallel, multithreaded, and single threaded codes, providing in-depth analysis and bottleneck pinpointing to the source line. Unlike most profilers, it can profile pthreads, OpenMP or MPI for parallel and threaded code, including communication and workload imbalance issues for MPI and multi-process codes.

Wide Issue Coverage

Linaro MAP exposes a wide set of performance indicators, including MPI metrics, Perf counters, I/O metrics, memory usage and even your own custom metrics. Profile computation (with self and child and call tree representations over time), thread activity (to identify over-subscribed cores and sleeping threads that waste CPU time for OpenMP and pthreads), instruction types, as well as synchronization and I/O performance.

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