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Your First Stop For Performance Analysis
Use Performance Reports as your first port of call for understanding your application’s performance. See the type of activity in which your program is spending its time and infer how well it is mapping to your hardware and job configuration. Switch to more detailed tools (such as Linaro MAP) if and when needed.
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Linaro Performance Reports Gives a High-Level Analysis
  • See at a glance whether an application is CPU, MPI, I/O or Python Interpreter bound
  • No need for access to program source code
  • CPU breakdown reports key metrics on the type of instructions that are dominant.
  • MPI breakdown reports on the split between collective and point-to-point communication
  • I/O breakshow reports the time and effective rate of reads and writes
  • Thread breakdown shows time in synchronization vs computation and how well the cores are utilised.
  • Memory breakdown reports on how much memory is used at the process and node level
What is Linaro Performance Reports?

Linaro Performance Reports builds upon Linaro MAP technology by condensing the performance information into a short easily readable report, suitable for understanding application performance when the source code is unavailable or as a starting point before using tools such as Linaro MAP.

Choice of Report Format

Generate the report in HTML, plain text, or CSV format.

Suitable for all scales

As with all tools in the Forge suite, Performance Reports scales from single-process single-threaded programs to parallel multithreaded applications running across thousands of nodes.

Easily track core metrics

Performance Reports provides a breakdown of some key performance metrics. Infer likely bottlenecks, spot problems, or identify trends by comparing how these values vary between reports.

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