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Download Linaro Forge - 24.0

Linaro Forge includes a graphical, parallel debugger and profiler, and an application performance reports tool. Download the packages you require for your operating system and architecture. If you have any issues installing or configuring Linaro Forge, please contact Support.


Windows and macOS builds are remote clients only. They allow you to connect to a remote system and debug or profile. The remote clients cannot debug or profile programs on Windows and macOS. Linux downloads also function as remote clients.

Operating System Download MD5 checksum
  • f2fef4e44396d125e1aa61c4df79ddf4
  • 255da4473c4e7d4a5fadb7fb3f1bc755
macOS (remote client only)
  • a727237f051f2bd02efd2479d12de1fd
Windows (remote client only)
  • 0afbf04ee941a8215466a1febe50f1f2


See instructions here for installing your Linaro Forge package download:
How to install Linaro Forge

Licensing for new and trial users

You need a license to run these tools. Buy a license or request a trial license today. For more information, see the licensing information for Linaro Forge.

Note: If you have a floating license, you must also download and install Linaro Licence Server. If you are trialing the tools with an evaluation license, you do not need to install Linaro License Server. For more information about your evaluation license, see how to set up your evaluation license.

Getting started


Forge User Guide - HTML PDF

License Server User Guide - HTML PDF

MAP metric plugin interface - HTML