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Linaro Performance Reports

Your First Stop For Performance Analysis

Linaro Performance Reports aggregates and analyzes data from various performance metrics, including execution time, resource utilization, and throughput, to offer a detailed overview of an application's efficiency and scalability.

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By highlighting potential bottlenecks and areas for optimization, Linaro Performance Reports empower developers and engineers to make informed decisions about where to focus their optimization efforts.

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It is essential to ensure that applications can meet the demanding performance requirements of modern computing environments, ultimately leading to more efficient and effective software solutions.

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Choice of Report Format

Generate the report in HTML, plain text, or CSV format.

Suitable for all scales

As with all tools in the Linaro Forge suite, Linaro Performance Reports scales from single-process single-threaded programs to parallel multithreaded applications running across thousands of nodes.

Easily track core metrics

Linaro Performance Reports provide a breakdown of some key performance metrics. Infer likely bottlenecks, spot problems, or identify trends by comparing how these values vary between reports.