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HPC Debugging and Profiling Suite

Linaro Forge: Where most of the Top Supercomputers turn for Performance Excellence

Build reliable and optimized code for the right results on multiple Server and HPC architectures, including the latest x86-64 and 64-bit Arm CPUs, and GPUs from Nvidia, AMD and Intel.

Linaro Forge combines

Linaro DDT icon

Linaro DDT

Market leading, simple to use HPC debugger for C/C++, Fortran and Python applications.

Linaro MAP

Linaro MAP

Effortless performance analysis for experts and novices alike across diverse applications and platforms.

Linaro Performance Reports

Linaro Performance Reports

At a glance, single-page, application performance insights.

Each of the above are also available as standalone products.

Why Linaro Forge is the right choice for your HPC workloads

Advanced HPC tools and features

Cross Platform

From laptops to supercomputers and future architectures. Effortlessly detect memory bugs, profile behaviour, and view advanced performance metrics on x86-64, 64-bit Arm CPUs, and GPUs from Nvidia, AMD and Intel.

Short Learning Curve

Simplify complex debugging with intuitive GUI, offering zero-click variable comparisons, built-in memory debugging, and array visualizations, perfect for today's parallel processors, both online and offline.

Wide Issue Coverage

A comprehensive suite of performance indicators, including MPI metrics, PAPI counters, and IO metrics, alongside custom metrics.

Low-Overhead Profiling

Effortlessly profile C++, C, CUDA, Fortran, and Python applications with typically less than 5% runtime overhead—no code changes needed.

Single and Multi Threaded Profiling

Comprehensive profiling for C,C++, Fortran, F90, and Python codes, pinpointing bottlenecks down to the sourceline. It uniquely profiles pthreads, OpenMP, and MPI, addressing parallel, multithreaded, and single-threaded code challenges, including communication and workload imbalances.

Easy Debugging

The premier debugger for C++, C, and Fortran parallel applications on CPUs and GPUs, favored for powerful graphical interface that simplifies the detection of memory bugs and divergent behaviour.

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Linaro Forge, the best in class for HPC Solutions since 2003

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